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Ursulla sketch pile plus one ugly tie by bittermause
Ursulla sketch pile plus one ugly tie
Part of a sketch dump from earlier today on my Tumblr.  Just a bunch of Ursulla expressions and her sporting some goofy-ass tie. ( the right image was inspired by Kaneoya Sachiko's illustrations; She's got an amazing fashion sense!)

Other useless trivia: This is the same Ursulla -->…

It's rare for her to go out/perform in dresses as prefers the comfort of suits and other men's attire.
She'll sing for you at midnight by bittermause
She'll sing for you at midnight
A colored version of a sketch from my April Drawing Challenge sketchbook. (you can see the original here;…)

It's not often you get to see Ursulla in such attire. She'd much prefer to sing in one of her gaudy business suits, but when the gig calls for it, she'll put on a fake smile and run with it.
Character Design - Street Musician Azzurina by bittermause
Character Design - Street Musician Azzurina

(copy paste from my Tumblr)

Music/Character Design Challenge 3/7: Emerald Hill Zone 2

Third in the series of characters inspired by ESPRIT’s “Girls Only” album.

Azzurina is a wandering street musician that lost her legs due to a freak accident. Thanks to her supporters, medical science, and sound engineering, she obtained specialty prosthetic legs based upon personal request. One leg has a built-in mini keyboard, while the other has a talk box installed.
Bust Portrait - Ragna by bittermause
Bust Portrait - Ragna
Bust Portrait of Ragna from Pretend Wizards! Commissioned by RedRevolver.

If you're interested in a bust portrait, check out this link:…
Character Design - Glass Nymph Sheer by bittermause
Character Design - Glass Nymph Sheer
Based on a challenge to create characters inspired by certain songs. This one was based off of Esprit's "痴心妄想" ( Foolish wishful thinking? Wishful heart's delusion? ) Her design aesthetics were also based off of glass dip pens.

You can check the song out here:…
You can also check out more character design stuff at my Tumblr:



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:star-empty: NEWS :star-empty:

Hey everyone, how are y’all doing this lovely evening?
Good? Bad? Swell.
  So we’ve hid the mid-point of summer and I thought I’d update you all on how life is going as well as my commission and money stuff. First the downers;

  • I’m still stuck with my underpaid part-time job and I have cropped up zero results from my job hunting; both out of state and in MI. Even better paying retail work has been inaccessible. (Taleo and Brassring applications are the worst.)
  • I do not have enough money and resources to up and leave MI this year. It all went to my car and health insurance as usual. Even if I did, again, I would not have a job waiting for me on the other side.  

Now the good news; 

  • The Shufflers has been active for over a year and still going strong.
    I have yet to feel a major burn-out from churning page updates.
  • I will be returning to school this semester. Thankfully there are enough openings for my required courses that I can do 9 credit hours again.

As for commissions, I’d like to thank the small handful of folk that have commissioned me for bust portraits. Even though I did not end up reaching my goal, every little bit helped. Thank you!

I will continue to offer this type of commission, along with possibly re-opening more options. ( full-body, backgrounds etc) I won’t be changing the prices of the bust options, so if you’re still interested in getting one, check out the link here;… .

If you’d like to support my comicking and animating endeavors, there’s always my Patreon. All donations will not only help me fight off further debt, you’ll get to see a bunch of exclusive project related work you won’t see anywhere else, not even here! Please consider becoming a patron or at least spread the word. Either one is appreciated:

:star-empty: VISUAL PRICE GUIDE :star-empty:
Illustrations and Vinyl Figurines:…

:star-empty: COMISSIONS IN PROGRESS :star-empty:

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