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Bust Sketch Commissions by bittermause
Bust Sketch Commissions

In order to help collect funding to move out of the house, I am starting up commissions again. You can read about my current situation here. You can also check out my ongoing Virtual Yard Sale here.


- Simply e-mail me which version you’d prefer, and either attach an image of the character you want drawn, a reference link, or give a detailed description.

- After you order a regular sketch, you may request a colored version at any time for an additional $20.

- Shipping is $2.50 in US and Canada if you would like to have the original sketch. $4.00 if you live outside of North America. 

- You will need to pay upfront the full amount before I can get to work.
I will give you my Paypal info once I agree to draw your commission.

- I will not take requests for porn and other adult-related material.

If you’re interested, please E-mail me at Bittermause at Gmail dot com
Character Bookmarks by bittermause
Character Bookmarks
So for the Holiday Card send off of 2014, I decided to make some 'bookmarks' based on the receivers' characters. From left to right, top and bottom;

Pumpking :iconcafe-star:
Milly :iconlazereyes:
Sweet Itch :iconroflqu:
Dezra :iconcrunchmcbuttsteak:
Hermes :iconloppington:
ART -IMPROVEMENT- OF 2014 by bittermause
This is more like an ‘overview’ since my skills haven’t really upgraded in the last couple years.

January:  The good ol’ School Jam meme of EnterVOID. I had a lot of ridiculous fun with this one, and one of the rare cases where I draw an all digital comic.

February: Commission for TheRealGreg because my computer was getting sassy. More EnterVOID character shennanigans, and experimental filters and digital colors.

March: The month where I got drunk off of Vapor Wave, Nu-House, French Funk, Vapor Funk, Wizard Jazz etc.

April: Did the most arting here because of The April Drawing Challenge!

May: Major slow down month. I think this was the time I was putting more focus on looking for another job than getting creative.

June: Commission of Victor by Loppi! He was a fun surly little thing to illustrate.

July: The Urschrei game was going strong, and my interest in music composition inched back into my life, if only briefly.

August: ( technically this is from July 31st shhhhhh…) One of the many examples of animated pixel/binary pieces I made.

September: Character design work for class. Used super thin lines for the first time in years. Never again.

October: Between comic, freelance, and school, I was feeling pretty burnt out. I managed to make some time for light doodles like this one.

November:  Little trade art I did for Loppi. Technically the line art was finished in November, only now I got around to coloring it.

December:  Wrapping up the last part of the year with some Shufflers art.

Much like 2013, 2014 was the year of experimenting with different mediums and coloring. However, I feel like I’ve expanded myself a little more from trying out new methods. Anatomically speaking, I’m still getting up there with hands and arms. They feel less tedious to draw now.

I have no set plans for 2015, I’m just going to try and draw more often and hopefully surprise myself again!




United States
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As of today I will be slowly vaccuuming out some super super old work from my gallery. This will also include old VOID/Promo comics.  If you're looking for an old piece, commission, etc and it is no longer here, you can always contact me. Chances are I'll have what you're looking for stowed away on my external HD.

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Thanks Heidi! We got a lot of positive feedback on the book, and the fest itself was marvelous!
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